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Back to normal, boring life again ...

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Aug. 16th, 2007 | 12:13 am
mood: hothot

Now I am returning to the so-called "important" things of life again. There is a diploma-thesis to be finished and tomorrow I am (hopefully) going to have *the* appointment with my supervisor at university  - afterwards I'll "just" have to correct  everything and then finally had it in - and by this I mean finally, finally really hand it in. And then I'll have to wait some weeks for it being corrected and graded and then I can subscribe for the diploma exam.  
And then I will also have another appointment with another supervisor tomorrow, which is going to be about my second topic for the diploma-exam: something where I won't need to actually write anything about and which has to be completely different from the topic of the diploma thesis - and as the thesis is about theatre, I decided the other topic would be on film.  And then I decided to do something Swedish, as this would be good for not forgetting all of my Swedish. And then the professor that I chose happens to be very interested in dedective stories and films, so we ended up deciding to do something about the movies on the series of Martin Beck-novels - which I generally find interesting, but now reading the fourth of ten Martin Beck-books I am actually longing to read somtehing else ....  Tomorrow I am going to ask Mr. Köppl (supervisor) what aspects to focus on. There are more interesting things that one could talk about, but researching on all of them would be too much I thing. hmmm ...

And for the last day - actually for over a week now - I have been told it is going to become cool and nasty weather, and what do we get? Sunshine and heat! And writing this makes me remember that I placed a glass of ice-coffee into the refigerator this afternoon and then forgot about it. So you can see, what this heat is doing with my brain.  Ususally I can't forget something that has to do with coffee so easily. 
Okay, it was "only" 28 ° C, and it has really been worse, but the air is humid and  I have been dizzy and unable to think for the whole day 

Some strange thing - I have been making the apendix-pages with the pictures for my thesis now - I am adding a pic of Elisabeth and Death in every production. And the only production where I could not find anything decent, was the Vienna original production - I need to look through my things again. It can't be possible ...  It was not hard to find Vienna pics, but most of them were new ones with Maya and Máté (of course I added one of them also) and I could find many with Pia and Uwe, but all from Germany and not Vienna ... hmmm ... maybe that's really the heat that makes it impossible to find something 

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from: valancystar
date: Aug. 31st, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)

I just realised I'd meant to comment on this entry but never did. If you still have trouble finding pictures from the original Vienna production - can you maybe find old program booklets which have pictures? I think one of my friends might have one from the original Vienna production, so if nothing else helps, I could try scanning that. Myself I've got one with Maya Hakvoort and Felix Martin, if that would be interesting.

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from: anonymous
date: Sep. 1st, 2007 01:11 pm (UTC)

Thank you for trying to help. I actually have a program booklet of the original Vienna production, and it also has pictures that I could use (and I will use them if I find nothing else) The problem with them, that they are so dark, and the faces half in shaddows that one can't really recognise very much. They look nice, but for this purpose I would like something where one can see a bit more. Hmm ... I think I'll try it in Stacy's formum. Maybe there is someone who has an idea ....

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(no subject)

from: nosa781
date: Feb. 17th, 2013 07:06 am (UTC)

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