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Christmas ...

I am writing to wish you all a merry Christmas, even though (yes, I know that) I am already a bit late for that. Some of you are already waiting to hear from me for som time I guess. I am back home from Hungary now for a few days (I have been there since October for an internship) and I will go back there for a short holiday from 29th dec to 5 th January (bought the bus-tickets the other day - yey for that, there was a time when I did not believe this would happen ...)

So now that I am only here for a week there is not nearly enough time for everything I would like to do. But even if I write to you later I think this is the moment to tell you, that I like and appreciate all of you a lot, those that I know in person, and also those I don't and I want you to know that. Maybe that is one of the things that I learnd while being away from home, to let those people I like also know that I like them, because one cannot take for granted that others know what I know deep down in my heart.  Especially when I sometimes remain silent for long times and don't give you any reason to believe that I am actually very happy to know you all.
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Ideas about musicals etc.

It's been a while since I have posted here. I think Nanowrimo keeps me busy, event though there are still about 7.000 words to write until I have reached the amount of words that I should have written by now - but there ist still half of November left so I am optimisitic ...

What lately came to my mind ... I think it was when I tried to explain to my father that what the difference between "Rebecca" and "We will rock you". And that "We will rock you" does not necessarily have to be good, just because Queen-songs are good. I don't want to say that jukebox-musicals can't be funny, but can one name them in one breath with things like Tanz der Vampire, Elisabet etc? I think I have complained about that often enough on Stacy's forum, but actually the problem is that most people an theatre goers are not aware of some problems in the situation of musicals. And this is also one of the reasons, why this genre is often said to be not as "cultured" as other forms of theatre. And this also results in people believing that anyone could write a musical by putting a lame story and some silly pop-songs together on a stage.

Now I had the great idea, that I could maybe try to write some articles where I speak about certain aspects of musicals and offer them to musical magazines as well as some general newspapers and magazines. I mean maybe someone will like to print them. There are many people who like to see musicals, but are not really such musical-geeks as I am. And I think they could still be interested in such articles. My aim is to get a bit more awareness. 
I have already two ideas for articles:

1. About the expression musical in general: This would be an article for telling that the expression musical already covers too many kinds of things that don't have a lot to do with each others.  Maybe this would become an article that is more for musical-insiders anyway, so it would be more for the musical-magazines. (I will also try to get some input about that on Stacy's forum)

2. European musicals: As long there are europeans, who think that European musical is nonexistent, I think this is something people have to get informed about. This is more like a general overview, with a critical approach, that I could very well imagine to be printed in the culture section of a general newspaper or magazine.

Please tell me what you think, and if you have any ideas please also tell me . I am glad about any input or point of views.  And I know, maybe I am not the first one with that idea, but I think it is worth a try.


Back to normal, boring life again ...

Now I am returning to the so-called "important" things of life again. There is a diploma-thesis to be finished and tomorrow I am (hopefully) going to have *the* appointment with my supervisor at university  - afterwards I'll "just" have to correct  everything and then finally had it in - and by this I mean finally, finally really hand it in. And then I'll have to wait some weeks for it being corrected and graded and then I can subscribe for the diploma exam.  
And then I will also have another appointment with another supervisor tomorrow, which is going to be about my second topic for the diploma-exam: something where I won't need to actually write anything about and which has to be completely different from the topic of the diploma thesis - and as the thesis is about theatre, I decided the other topic would be on film.  And then I decided to do something Swedish, as this would be good for not forgetting all of my Swedish. And then the professor that I chose happens to be very interested in dedective stories and films, so we ended up deciding to do something about the movies on the series of Martin Beck-novels - which I generally find interesting, but now reading the fourth of ten Martin Beck-books I am actually longing to read somtehing else ....  Tomorrow I am going to ask Mr. Köppl (supervisor) what aspects to focus on. There are more interesting things that one could talk about, but researching on all of them would be too much I thing. hmmm ...

And for the last day - actually for over a week now - I have been told it is going to become cool and nasty weather, and what do we get? Sunshine and heat! And writing this makes me remember that I placed a glass of ice-coffee into the refigerator this afternoon and then forgot about it. So you can see, what this heat is doing with my brain.  Ususally I can't forget something that has to do with coffee so easily. 
Okay, it was "only" 28 ° C, and it has really been worse, but the air is humid and  I have been dizzy and unable to think for the whole day 

Some strange thing - I have been making the apendix-pages with the pictures for my thesis now - I am adding a pic of Elisabeth and Death in every production. And the only production where I could not find anything decent, was the Vienna original production - I need to look through my things again. It can't be possible ...  It was not hard to find Vienna pics, but most of them were new ones with Maya and Máté (of course I added one of them also) and I could find many with Pia and Uwe, but all from Germany and not Vienna ... hmmm ... maybe that's really the heat that makes it impossible to find something 

Just a few things ...

To all roleplayers - I will be away until Wednesday evening from tomorrow (or actually this) morning. I am going to Graz, which has to do with a certain Count Dracula. And when I am back, I probably won't be able to think of anything else then a certain Herr Borchert. (Ahh, where are those wonderful days of Jekyll & Hyde ...) And probably I'll get inspired for some more highly dramatic events at the Cirkus-Cabaret, who knows?

Today I got a birthday-present from my best friend Tina - to put it more exactly - I got 28 little packages (that was one of the moments, when it is really fun to be 28 and when I would not mind being older then that ;-)] and they were filled with sweets, photographs, Cds (some nice musical-videos ...) and some wonderful drawings she made: among others of some of my own "Hexenkinder"-characters (the fantasy-novel I started with Nanowrimo and that has to be finished yet). Once I showed her some pictures of how i imagine them to look like more or less and now I have some painted postcards with my characters to look at. I must say it is highly motivating to have such nice pictures of Imas and Vári and Tabmo and Abrieh  to look at every time I am writing them.  Not to speak of the wonderful feeling, that another person painted my characters!
I must say when I invent characters I often don't know what they exactly look like. I mean, I know the colour of their hair and things like that, but it is not often that I know every line in their faces, though otherwise I know them pretty well.


Nachdem ich jetzt eine ganze Weile lang damit beschäftigt war meine Diplomarbeit  zu schreiben, komme ich jetzt endlich wieder dazu schöne (oder schräge?) Geschichten aufzuschreiben. Oder fertig zu machen. Hier kommt eine kleine Kostprobe vom Musenkuss, den ich schon seit einem Jahr liegen habe und jetzt endlich fertig schreiben kann - was auch teilweise daran lag, dass ich lange nicht wusste, wie ich das Ganze überhaupt enden lassen will. 

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