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4 August 1979
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I think it is about time, I write something here about myself. At first I just thought, I'll just create this account for roleplaying, but now I also have some other ideas what to do with it: Some time ago I started a blog about my writing-activities, that no-one apart from myself ever takes a look at. So maybe I am going to move things I save there here to this journal. Let's see. Though, as I am usually writing in German, this is going to be in German.

When creating a new character in a story, I sometimes start by listing up their characteristics like this, to get an overview. I am going to do a small version of that now for myself - because I think these kind of things are fun.

Name: Astrid
Age: 28
Zodiac sign/ ascendent: Leo/ Sagittarius (though I have been told that I also have huge Scorpio-influence)

I like: musicals, languages (esp. hungarian, swedish ...), traveling, movies, my friends, writing, the feeling after actually having written something
I don't like: getting up early in the morning, having to fill out official forms, having to find so-called important official documents (like passport, university-reports, things like that) I usually never find them in time, people who are false, people who are complaining about everything.

Good characteristics: creative, honest (hmm ... it's not easy to write down good chracteristics about myself, without feeling I want to brag ...)
Bad characteristics: moody, sometimes awfully lazy, unorganised, I have a tendency to loose very important things, inconsistant (though this is actually something I am working on to get better), easily getting upset and angry